Culture shock.

Culture shock is the difficulty people have adjusting to a new culture that differs markedly from their own. Well I had my culture shock when I shifted to tar college. I am not a chinky Chinese people. I don't really speak Chinese, I can't write Chinese words. So it was kinda difficult for me to exchange few words with the people here. Can you imagine how I survive these four years in a Chinese community? So what's the big deal about having culture shock? There are many people around the world have had the similar cause. What I would have notice is that they manage to adjust and suit themselves into the neighbourhood. From what I have seen so far is that the Chinese people here are all so mysteriously themselves against each other and acting with such secrecy. Living in such politically surrounding, you CAN'T afford to SAY ANYTHING or DO ANYTHING that will cost you your social life. Don't you ever try something that heroicly projects your stupidity and get yourself ditched, meaning to say, you're so gonna be foreveralone. You would never want to be into this situation. Trust me, it sucks.

There is another issue where these people take things so upside down. Teasing them in a wrong way is so so gonna get you in trouble. Not only girls, guys too, you know! I had a situation where this person started tagging me and expressing anger saying that I was being so unfair and when other people started putting some of their opinion, that person acting all pussy and delete the post just like that. Yeah, just like that after stirring up some shit showing fucking dick faces. Oh yeah, one more thing, just for the record, they are so good at making people feeling guilty. All this wholesome shitty stuff is so poles apart. 

However, there are Chinese people that behave so differently or I should put them in this way, you will feel much better in a group of your type of people that understand your shit.

Damn Chinese people. Owai~