Culture shock.

Culture shock is the difficulty people have adjusting to a new culture that differs markedly from their own. Well I had my culture shock when I shifted to tar college. I am not a chinky Chinese people. I don't really speak Chinese, I can't write Chinese words. So it was kinda difficult for me to exchange few words with the people here. Can you imagine how I survive these four years in a Chinese community? So what's the big deal about having culture shock? There are many people around the world have had the similar cause. What I would have notice is that they manage to adjust and suit themselves into the neighbourhood. From what I have seen so far is that the Chinese people here are all so mysteriously themselves against each other and acting with such secrecy. Living in such politically surrounding, you CAN'T afford to SAY ANYTHING or DO ANYTHING that will cost you your social life. Don't you ever try something that heroicly projects your stupidity and get yourself ditched, meaning to say, you're so gonna be foreveralone. You would never want to be into this situation. Trust me, it sucks.

There is another issue where these people take things so upside down. Teasing them in a wrong way is so so gonna get you in trouble. Not only girls, guys too, you know! I had a situation where this person started tagging me and expressing anger saying that I was being so unfair and when other people started putting some of their opinion, that person acting all pussy and delete the post just like that. Yeah, just like that after stirring up some shit showing fucking dick faces. Oh yeah, one more thing, just for the record, they are so good at making people feeling guilty. All this wholesome shitty stuff is so poles apart. 

However, there are Chinese people that behave so differently or I should put them in this way, you will feel much better in a group of your type of people that understand your shit.

Damn Chinese people. Owai~

Colours in Disguise

In this world, people fight for their injustice, people fight for immorality, people fight for money, people fight to survive, and hazardously they fight only for themselves; egocentrically behaved. Generosity at first and being so selfish in the end as ones unveil true colours that has been a disguise to serve the concealment of identity. Only fools ( or naiveness )  who can still be deceived with such deceitful act. Consequences pay for not being aware of people and you lose when situation's real. They can be very dirty at all times not revealing a single trail to anyone noticing and can still be disguised of a wished individuality. It happens in everywhere now and then, when you're young, old, at school, college, workplace; just everywhere. Is being selfish the only way to live either in a close proximity community or great and very much widened society? People can change in a blink of eye when they come across of life and death situation where they critically need to become a survivor to be a person to live at the end, ignoring any significant consequences that may fall upon them. The cycle of hatred being disseminated everywhere crawling in my mind, so poisonously, and I need a place for my head. Finally, I've come to an understanding why some wealthy people would act like a poor bastard as if they are insulting the poors. God knows the intricacy, difficulty and confrontation they have suffered, with the privation of the necessity of normal and peaceful life.

Whatsoever, if there is a heaven, I would definitely NOT gonna be there, hell instead. I fight for retardery. Owai~ We fight for retardery with no mercy.

Retards with Cancer and Aids invaded Sg Lembing.

No matter what happens to the world that we are all living in, we are still going to be awesomely retarded; no cure for this cancer and aids :)

How far would you go for money

    As far as the world is concerned, it is still being engaged in a manner where money would indeed help to settle rather many problems, it's either in a good way as you can see it or perhaps the darker side where eyes and heart are plastered showing only shadow. Have you ever wonder how far would you go for when something happens to you or your family and friends, if there's verdict needed to make involving money and your conscience. The complexity of inner sense and money would certainly craft a confusion to people whom are needing both equally.  It came to my surprise and coincidently that there were people talking about this matter as this thought came across my mind. I posted a question to a friend: If there's a person accidentally knocked down your family member who was crossing road, he/she then offers RM1mil to cover shits up begging not to report. Your family member suffers two broken legs which may be a disabled forever. Bear in mind that you come from a poor background family. You do not have the money to sue the jerk. Now what will you do? To fight with your conscience but may not be able to win against a wealthy people that buys law to their side, or to go against your inner sense to accept the offer that may change how people look at you. Many people may choose to fight but when it comes to you in reality, who knows you might change your mind as money and life is almost on par in this changing humanity.

    Well that's about money and life, what about betraying yourself wanting money so badly that when people who are fat, ugly, and always talk about food you bad mouthed all this while offer you few thousands ringgit to have sex with you. Would you go for it? Lol. That's about it. 


After so many posts, they have been so pictureless, nothing but only words that would only make reader go chinkier, what I mean is that the eyes get smaller the longer they look at the paragraphs. I am going to spice this up by just adding one photo inside. It is a dream come true as I have always wanted to see them in action right in front my eyes. When I was uploading this photo, I had a flashback where a screenshot of this moment was actually in my dream, probably years ago.

The tickets to Liverpool vs Malaysia and training passes to watch them train before the match day.

Fuck yeahh if you know how excited I am. Only the fans will understand the feeling of having these tickets which would mean more than anything else. Some people asked that what's the point of watching them sapu Malaysia, not even a tight match. Well, what I can say is those are bullshits as if they are really supporting Liverpool or one of the Reds. It's not about team who they are against with or players who are coming down to Malaysia, it's about the spirit of being a Liverpool fan, the joy of seeing them in live kicking ass in Bukit Jalil. This is the very first time Liverpool is coming to Malaysia. Rawwrrrrrr!

Just wanna share a video made by Aaron. We went through so many shits and storm and not forgetting incoming shitstorm in the future that we are ready to face. I bet no one can be as retarded as we are. Kappe forever, nuff said. <3<3